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Reliable Testing and Treatment for Pet Skin Conditions in San Diego

The condition of your pet’s skin and coat can tell you a lot about his or her overall health. That’s why Bodhi Animal Hospital is an area leader in testing dogs and cats for allergies and other dermatology issues. A simple test can lead to the right treatment, keeping your pet care budget in check while providing comfort to your pet.

San Diego Pet Allergy Testing

Often, a routine physical examination can find what’s ailing your pet’s skin or coat. In these cases, a number of over-the-counter—as well as homecare—treatments may be recommended by our staff.

If your dog or cat’s dermatology issue is not simple to diagnose, we offer a skin test. In other situations, we may need to conduct blood tests. Both types of tests are safe, reliable, and similar to what is conducted on humans.

Intradermal Allergy Testing

In this test, we inject antigen directly into the skin to see if your pet has a reaction.

Blood Allergy Testing

For blood tests, we take a look at your pet’s blood to determine if antibodies to common allergens—like dust, pollen, and mold—are present.

Dermatology Treatments

It’s important to realize there is no real “cure” for dermatology issues related to allergies. But that doesn’t mean there is no reliable treatment. Effective allergy treatment can bring your dog or cat both healthier looking skin and a happier demeanor.

Common treatments we provide at Bodhi Animal Hospital include:

The best treatment? Removing allergens (mites, mold, grass, and pollen) from your pet’s environment. This is easier said than done, but some simple steps you can take at home—at little to no cost—can make a big difference. These include: