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Full San Diego Veterinary Pharmacy to Meet Your Pet’s Needs

At Bodhi Animal Hospital in San Diego, California we don’t just write prescriptions for sick pets and call it a day. Our complete veterinary services are available to all patients, and our committed veterinarians spend as much as time as we need to ensure your pet receive the best treatment possible. But great medicine is just one necessary component of your animal companion’s long and healthy life. The many small choices owners make each day ultimately add up to the full picture of pet health and wellness. Our well-stocked store can supply you with many of the day-to-day products needed to improve and maintain your pet’s wellbeing.

San Diego Pet Pharmacy Supplies

Bodhi Animal Hospital’s pharmacy can provide you with the following supplies:

  • Medications

    We offer a variety of medicines and other products to treat the conditions that we diagnose, including allergies, dental care, and parasite infections.

  • Dietary supplements

    You can purchase a variety of supplements to boost your animal’s immune system, cardiovascular health, joint health, coat health, and more.

  • Medical instruments

    We can sell you thermometers for your pet as well as syringes, pill crushers, and gloves for administering medications. We also offer artificial tears for eye care, ointments for treating wounds, and more.

  • Dog and cat food

    We keep a stock of food specially formulated for your pet’s nutritional needs.