Beagle eyes and nose detail

San Diego Pet Surgery With Precision and Compassion

Your pet requires and deserves the highest level of skill and the most comprehensive delivery of care when a surgery is performed. Bodhi Animal Hospital is the Uptown San Diego provider capable of delivering both.

Our doctors on staff are experienced in multiple types of surgery for dogs and cats. For highly advanced surgeries and procedures, we work with a board-certified surgeon. Our surgical services include:

  • General surgery — wounds, foreign objects
  • Soft–tissue surgery — spay and neuter, removal of growths

Pre-Operative Care

Making sure your beloved dog or cat has the safest experience possible during surgery is our highest priority. It starts with testing and monitoring your pet for an optimal experience with anesthesia. And it is made complete by providing attentive care to reassure your dog or cat is comfortable.

Post-Operative Care

After a surgical procedure, an animal needs time to recover from the effects of anesthesia. Normal post-operative fatigue can lead to stress for your dog or cat, so we monitor your pet to make certain his or her recovery is seamless.

We watch closely for any signs of pain, which dogs and cats can be adept at hiding, and will provide your pet with the level of pain medication he or she needs. Our veterinary staff will walk you through how to care for your pet at home as they rebound to a full recovery.